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K8TEMP(8) System Manager's Manual K8TEMP(8)


k8tempdisplay on-die temperature readings from AMD K8 and K10 processors


k8temp [-nd] [selector ...] | [-v | -h]


The k8temp utility displays temperature readings from AMD K8 and K10 processors using their on-die thermal diode(s).
k8temp requires read-write access to /dev/pci, and thus must be run as root.
The following options are available:
Display version and copyright information.
Display help text.
Show only temperature values.
Display debug information, including raw register contents and interpreted subvalues, and an Advanced Power Management feature dump.
Selectors specify which CPU, core and sensor to read, and are of the form cpu[:core[:sensor]]. Note, output order is fixed, and not (yet) defined by the order of selectors.


k8temp 1:0:0
Display reading for CPU1, core 0, sensor 0.
k8temp 1:0
Display reading for CPU1, core 0, all available sensors.
k8temp -d 0 2
Display reading for CPU 0 and CPU2, all available cores and sensors. Display debug output.


k8temp may cause unsupported systems to reboot, crash or explode.
Core numbers on single core systems may be incorrect (e.g. core 1 but no core 0).
Running multiple copies of k8temp at once could result in readings being taken from incorrect cores.
Readings from K10's are experimental. Limited testing suggests they're 10-20 degrees too low.


0.1.0, 2007-10-21
First release.
0.1.1, 2007-10-22
Fixes a serious error resulting in writes to a bogus PCI register.
0.2.0, 2007-10-25
Add support for diode offset correction and debugging options. Add CPUID check.
0.3.0, 2007-12-04
Add tentative support for OpenBSD and NetBSD. Remove (meaningless) diode offset correction. Introduce value-only output mode and sensor selector arguments.
0.4.0, 2008-06-22
Add preliminary K10 (Barcelona/Phenom) support.


BIOS and Kernel Developer's Guide for AMD NPT Family 0fh Processors. Section 4.6.23, Thermtrip Status Register.
AMD CPUID Specification, CPUID Fn8000_0007, Advanced Power Management Information.
BIOS and Kernel Developer's Guide For AMD Family 10h Processors. Section 3.6.F3xA4, Reported Temperature Control Register.


Thomas Hurst ⟨tom@hur.st⟩
October 21, 2007 Debian Sid