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lava-slave - manage connections to lava master

LAVA-SLAVE(8) System Manager's Manual LAVA-SLAVE(8)
" "LAVA Dispatcher"


lava-slave - manage connections to lava master


lava-slave runs the connection to the lava master over ZMQ to manage LAVA test jobs running on the reserved device, sending log messages back to the master. lava-slave runs as a daemon.


lava-slave [–master tcp://localhost:5556] [–socket-addr tcp://localhost:5555] [–level=DEBUG]


Options can be passed by editing /etc/lava-dispatcher/lava-slave


Some LAVA instances require the ZMQ connection to the master to be encrypted. For more information on configuring lava-slave to use encryption support, see the lava-server documentation on your local instance or at:
You will need to contact the admin of the instance to obtain the certificate of the master to which this slave should connect.
The default install uses systemd translation of the sysvinit script but a systemd service file is available, if desired:

This file can be copied to /lib/systemd/system/.


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