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lshmc - list HMC drive DVD contents

LSHMC(8) System Manager's Manual LSHMC(8)


lshmc - list HMC drive DVD contents


lshmc [OPTIONS] [FILE]


List files on a DVD in the DVD drive of the Hardware Management Console ( HMC ) . By default, the command lists all files in the root directory of the DVD. Use FILE to list a different set of files. FILE can specify the path, relative to the DVD root directory, for a directory and file and can contain the * and ? wildcard characters.


-h, --help
Print help text, then exit.
-v, --version
Print version information, then exit.
-s, --short
Print only regular files (no directories, symbolic links and special files), in a short listing format.


To list the files in a HMC drive DVD root directory use:
# lshmc

In case the kernel module hmcdrv was not loaded in advance use:
# modprobe hmcdrv
# lshmc

To list all HTML files in subdirectory www use:
# lshmc /www/*.html


The lshmc command needs access to device node /dev/hmcdrv. This node is created automatically when the hmcdrv kernel module is loaded (see Linux kernel configuration option CONFIG_HMC_DRV). The user process that runs the lshmc command must have sufficient privileges to read from and write to node /dev/hmcdrv. Use the commands chown(1), chgrp(1) and/or chmod(1) on node /dev/hmcdrv to ensure this condition.


ls(1), chown(1), chgrp(1), chmod(1) and Linux on System z: Device Drivers, Features and Commands
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