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lsluns - list available LUNs

LSLUNS(8) System Manager's Manual LSLUNS(8)


lsluns - list available LUNs


lsluns [-h] [-v] [-c adapterid:0.0.XXXX] [-p portnumber:0xXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX]


lsluns does a listing of all available LUNs.
The default is to list all LUNs that are found. The listing can be limited by specifying an adapter or a port.


-h, --help
Print help message and exit.
-v, --version
Display version info and exit.
-c, --ccw
Shows LUNs for a specific adapter.
-p, --port
Shows LUNs for a specific port.
-a, --active
Shows all activated LUNs. In addition information is provided whether the LUN is encrypted or not. This is indicated with a bracketed X right after the LUN number.


Shows all available LUNs.
lsluns -c 0.0.3922
Shows all LUNs found on adapter 0.0.3922.
lsluns -p 0x5005123456789000
Shows all LUNs for port 0x5005123456789000.
lsluns -c 0.0.3922 -p 0x5005123456789000
Shows all LUNs for adapter 0.0.3922 and port 0x5005123456789000.
lsluns -a
adapter = 0.0.3c02
port = 0x500507630300c562
lun = 0x401040a200000000(X) /dev/sg0 Disk IBM:2107900
lun = 0x401040a300000000 /dev/sg1 Disk IBM:2107900
Shows all active LUNs including the information whether the device is encrypted or not.
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