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lszorro - list all Zorro devices

lszorro(8) Linux Zorro Utilities lszorro(8)


lszorro - list all Zorro devices


lszorro [options]


lszorro is a utility for displaying information about devices connected to the Zorro bus. It requires Linux kernel 2.1.106 or newer and supersedes the original /proc/zorro interface found in earlier kernels.
If you are going to report bugs in Zorro device drivers or in lszorro itself, please include output of "lszorro -vvx".


Tells lszorro to be verbose and display detailed information about all devices.
Tells lszorro to be very verbose and display even more information (actually everything the Zorro device is able to tell). The exact meaning of these data is not explained in this manual page, if you want to know more, consult /usr/include/linux/zorro.h or the Zorro specs.
Show Zorro manufacturer and (extended) product codes as numbers instead of looking them up in the Zorro ID database.
Show hexadecimal dump of the Zorro configuration space (struct ConfigDev). Useful for debugging of drivers and lszorro itself.
-s [<slot>]
Show only the device in the specified slot. The number is hexadecimal.
-d [<manuf>]:[<product>]:[<epc>]
Show only devices with specified manufacturer, product and extended product IDs. All IDs are given in hexadecimal and may be omitted or given as "*" meaning "any value". The extended product code (epc) is used for some GVP boards only.
-i <file>
Use <file> as Zorro ID database instead of /usr/share/misc/zorro.ids.
-p <dir>
Use <dir> as directory containing Zorro bus information instead of /proc/bus/zorro.
Dump Zorro device data in machine readable form (both normal and verbose format supported) for easy parsing by scripts.


A list of all known Zorro IDs (manufacturers, products and extended product codes).
An interface to Zorro bus configuration space provided by the kernel. Contains per-card config space files and a devices file containing a list of all Zorro devices.


The Linux Zorro Utilities were originally written by Geert Uytterhoeven <> and are now maintained by John Paul Adrian Glaubitz <>.
23 May 2014 zorroutils-0.05