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micro-evtd - Linkstation/Kuro/Terastation Micro Event Daemon

MICRO-EVTD(8) User Commands MICRO-EVTD(8)


micro-evtd - Linkstation/Kuro/Terastation Micro Event Daemon


micro-evtd [-s string1,string2,..] [-c] [-v] [-q] [-p priority] [-w seconds] [-e]


micro-evtd is an operating system daemon and should be started from /etc/init.d or directly. It will return immediately, so you don't need to start it with '&'.
micro-evtd is a simple and small user space interface to the Linkstation/Kuro/Terastation Micro controller which is fitted to the ARM series of NAS boxes. It does not have a lot of features but it's main task is to provide 'keep-alive' messages to the on-board Micro. This device controls/monitors the fan, various LEDs, system temperature and two buttons. This daemon provides the necessary initialisation to the device and also monitors and controls the fan depending on current temperature readings. It also monitors a power button (located at the front) and a reset button (located at the rear).
A new feature of this daemon is the ability to code standby events for single or groups of days. This allows the user to add any number of standby-on/off events as required. You can send a SIGHUP to the daemon to get it to report the time remaining before entering standby. Five minutes before standby, a message is reported to all users. A user can delay standby by five minutes by sending a SIGCONT to the daemon. Each successive SIGCONT adds another five minutes. Alternatively, a SIGINT will log a standby skip. When the timed event is reached, it will skip it for the next event.


string1,string2,.. Specifies a comma separated hexadecimal command sequence which will be transmitted to the Micro.
Don't fork, i.e. run in the foreground (debug use only).
Displays the current daemon version information.
Quiet mode for the display of results from use of the command sequence. This option will prevent the display of returned results from the micro.
priority This allows the priority of the process to be changed. This defaults to -4.
seconds This is used by the standby process. The time specified is in seconds. This is the time for which the unit will wait until issuing a wake up event.
This is used by the standby process. The daemon will wait until an event occurs to awaken the box.


All events, whether mechanical button operation, or software reset/shutdown actions are routed through micro-evtd.event(8)
On release, a button event message is sent.
On release, a button event message is sent.
If the button is held for more than 4 seconds then an alternating sequence event is sent.




microapl(8), micro-evtd.conf(5), micro-evtd.event(8).


Bob Perry <>
November 2008 3.3