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mono-xsp4-admin - mono-xsp4 hosts file creator

MONO-XSP4-ADMIN(8) User Contributed Perl Documentation MONO-XSP4-ADMIN(8)


mono-xsp4-admin - mono-xsp4 hosts file creator


mono-xsp4-admin [action] [args]
    add        Use 'add' if you want to create an application and want mono-xsp4 scripts to manage it
    del        If you want to remove an application
    --path     The path where you have your aspx files, MUST EXISTS!, required only with add action
    --app      The name of your application


 mono-xsp4-admin is a perl tool to adminstrate your ASP.NET webapps that will be executed with 
 When you try to add an application, mono-xsp4-admin will verify that your path exists, if it is, it will 
 add a directory inside /etc/xsp4/conf.d with the name of your app, and also as a file with the 
 filename format: 10_appname. This file will have the information (path, app).
 So, when mono-xsp4-update is executed it will read those dirs and create a debian.webapp in
 /etc/xsp4 that the xsp4 daemon will read.


 Pablo Fischer <>
2017-04-01 perl v5.24.1