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ofpath - determine OpenFirmware path from unix device node.

OFPATH(8) System Manager's Manual OFPATH(8)


ofpath - determine OpenFirmware path from unix device node.


ofpath [ --debug ] [ -h|--help ] [ -V|--version ] FILE


This manual page explains ofpath, the utility used to find the OpenFirmware device path corresponding to a unix device node, such as /dev/hda2.
ofpath will work on NewWorld PowerMacs only if yaboot is used as the bootloader. It will not work on NewWorld macs booted with BootX.
ofpath will also work on some OldWorld PowerMacs. Unlike NewWorld, it will work on BootX-booted OldWorld machines. Note that OldWorld support is not well tested and may not give accurate results.
Ybin(8) uses this utility to automatically convert unix device nodes to OpenFirmware paths as needed.


This option causes ofpath to output some boring details useful only for debugging ofpath itself.
Print out usage information and exit.
Print out the version number and exit.


Ofpath may not accurately find all SCSI devices, and does not support all SCSI adapters/drivers.
Ofpath also does not support all IDE devices.
Ofpath does not support IBM hardware. Send a tarball of /proc/device-tree along with /proc/cpuinfo to <>


Ofpath is based on written by Olaf Hering, it was rewritten to work with /bin/ash and stripped down systems such as boot/rescue floppies by Ethan Benson. This man page was written by Ethan Benson.


Report bugs to <>


bootstrap(8), mkofboot(8), yaboot(8), yaboot.conf(5), ybin(8).
27 May 2001 GNU/Linux PowerPC