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opal_errd - Daemon to read/parse OPAL platform error(s)/event(s)

OPAL_ERRD(8) ppc64-diag OPAL_ERRD(8)


opal_errd - Daemon to read/parse OPAL platform error(s)/event(s)


opal_errd [ -e file] [ -m max] [ -o dir] [ -s sysfs] [ -n max] [ -a days] [ -D | -w]


Reads OPAL platform logs from sysfs and writes them to individual files under /var/log/opal-elog. Parses required fields from log and writes one line summary to syslog. Also acknowledges platform log.


-e file
Specify custom path to OPAL dump extractor tool (default: /usr/sbin/extract_opal_dump)
-m max
Maximum number of dumps of a specific type to be retained
-o dir
Directory to save error/event logs (default: /var/log/opal-elog)
-s sysfs
Custom path to sysfs
-n max
Maximum number of elogs to keep (default: 1000)
-a days
Maximum age in days of elogs to keep (default: 30)
Don't daemonize, just run once
Watch for new events (default when daemon)
Print the usage message and exit


Directory to find dump files from OPAL
Directory to find error log files from OPAL
Default directory to store error logs
Default path to dump extractor tool


2014-05-01 Linux