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restorecon_xattr - manage security.restorecon_last extended attribute

restorecon_xattr(8) SELinux User Command restorecon_xattr(8)


restorecon_xattr - manage security.restorecon_last extended attribute entries added by setfiles(8) or restorecon(8).


restorecon_xattr [-d] [-D] [-m] [-n] [-r] [-v] [-e directory] [-f specfile] pathname


restorecon_xattr will display the SHA1 digests added to extended attributes security.restorecon_last or delete the attribute completely. These attributes are set by restorecon(8) or setfiles(8) to specified directories when relabeling recursively.
restorecon_xattr is useful for managing the extended attribute entries particularly when users forget what directories they ran restorecon(8) or setfiles(8) from.
RAMFS and TMPFS filesystems do not support the security.restorecon_last extended attribute and are automatically excluded from searches.
By default restorecon_xattr will display the SHA1 digests with "Match" appended if they match the default specfile set or the specfile set used with the -f option. Non-matching SHA1 digests will be displayed with "No Match" appended. This feature can be disabled by the -n option.


delete all non-matching security.restorecon_last directory digest entries.
delete all security.restorecon_last directory digest entries.
do not read /proc/mounts to obtain a list of non-seclabel mounts to be excluded from relabeling checks.
Setting -m is useful where there is a non-seclabel fs mounted with a seclabel fs mounted on a directory below this.
Do not append "Match" or "No Match" to displayed digests.
recursively descend directories.
display SHA1 digest generated by specfile set.
directory to exclude (repeat option for more than one directory).
an optional specfile containing file context entries as described in file_contexts(5). This will be used by selabel_open(3) to retrieve the set of labeling entries, with the SHA1 digest being retrieved by selabel_digest(3). If the option is not specified, then the default file_contexts will be used.


the pathname of the directory tree to be searched.


restorecon(8), setfiles(8)
24 Sept 2016