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rt-shredder - Script which wipes out tickets from RT DB

rt-shredder(8) Request Tracker Reference rt-shredder(8)


rt-shredder - Script which wipes out tickets from RT DB


  rt-shredder --plugin list
  rt-shredder --plugin help-Tickets
  rt-shredder --plugin 'Tickets=query,Queue="general" and Status="deleted"'
  rt-shredder --sqldump unshred.sql --plugin ...
  rt-shredder --force --plugin ...


rt-shredder - is script that allow you to wipe out objects from RT DB. This script uses API that RT::Shredder module adds to RT. Script can be used as example of usage of the shredder API.


You can use several options to control which objects script should wipeout.


--sqldump <filename>

Outputs INSERT queries into file. This dump can be used to restore data after wiping out.
By default creates files named <ISO_date>-XXXX.sql in the current directory.

--object (DEPRECATED)

Option has been deprecated, use plugin "Objects" instead.

--plugin '<plugin name>[=<arg>,<val>[;<arg>,<val>]...]'

You can use plugins to select RT objects with various conditions. See also --plugin list and --plugin help options.

--plugin list

Output list of the available plugins.

--plugin help-<plugin name>

Outputs help for specified plugin.


Script doesn't ask any questions.


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