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servicelog_notify - add, view, or remove tools to be notified when events are



servicelog_notify - add, view, or remove tools to be notified when events are logged in servicelog


/usr/sbin/servicelog_notify --add [add_options]
/usr/sbin/servicelog_notify --remove  {--id=n | --command=cmd}
/usr/sbin/servicelog_notify --list [--id=n | --command=cmd]


The servicelog_notify command allows the registration of tools which will be invoked whenever events matching the specified parameters are logged in the servicelog. This command also allows registered notification tools to be listed or removed.


-l or --list
Lists registered notification tools. By default, lists them all. If --id is specified, only the notification with that ID is listed. If --command is specified, all notifications that execute that command are listed.
-r or --remove
Removes the notification with ID=n, if --id was specified, or all notifications that run the command specified by --command.
-c cmd or --command=cmd
The command (including command-line options) to be invoked when a matching event is logged.
-i n or --id=n
The ID number of the notification tool to be listed or removed.
-a or --add
Creates a new notification, specified by the --match, --type, --command, and --method options.
-m query_string or --match=query_string
A filter string used to determine whether a newly-logged event should cause this notification tool to be invoked (for example, --match='serviceable=1' to match only serviceable events). See the "QUERY STRINGS" section in the servicelog(8) man page for more information.
--type=EVENT or --type=REPAIR or --type=EVENT|REPAIR
Specifies whether to notify of events or repair actions or both. -t is a synonym for --type.
Indicates how data should be passed to the notification tool. num_stdin indicates that the ID of the new event will be passed to stdin. num_arg indicates that the ID will be passed as the last command-line argument. text_stdin indicates that verbose descriptive text will be passed to stdin. pairs_stdin indicates that data from the new event will be passed to stdin as parameter=value pairs, one per line. -M is a synonym for --method.
-h or --help
Display a help message and exit.


The above describes the command syntax accepted by v1.0 and later versions of servicelog_notify. In v1.1, support for the following options was added for backward compatibility with v0.2.9. However, mixing v0.2.9 options with v1.x options may produce unexpected results.
sev is a number from 1 to 7. Equivalent to a severity>= sev clause in a --match query-string.
Equivalent to a serviceable clause in a --match query-string (yes=1, no=0).
Equivalent to one or more type clauses in a --match query-string. Recognized event_types are: os (same as $OS in a query-string), ppc64_rtas ($RTAS), ppc64_encl ($ENCLOSURE), and ppc64_bmc ($BMC).
Equivalent to --type=REPAIR, --type=EVENT, or --type=EVENT|REPAIR, respectively.
Same as --list, except that you must specify --id or --command.


Written by Michael Strosaker ( and Nathan Fontenot ( v0.2.9 compatibility added by Brad Peters and Jim Keniston (


servicelog(8), log_repair_action(8)
February 2012 Linux