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snmptrapfmt - Receive and log SNMP trap messages from a trap handler.

SNMPTRAPFMT(8) System Manager's Manual SNMPTRAPFMT(8)


snmptrapfmt - Receive and log SNMP trap messages from a trap handler.


snmptrapfmt [-d num] [-D] [-f cfgfile]


Snmptrapfmt receives SNMP trap data through a local pipe. The trap data is written to this pipe by a SNMP trap handler which is called by snmptrapd (configuration is done in /etc/snmp/snmptrapd.conf) during the installation if this package. Snmptrapfmt formats the received trap data according to the specifications in the configuration file /etc/snmp/snmptrapfmt.conf (see this file for the syntax). The output of the snmptrapfmt application may be written to a log file or forwarded to the syslog daemon.
The option -d 1 should be specified to enable tracing. Trace information is then written to the file /var/tmp/snmptrapfmt.trc.
If the option -f cfgfile is given, the output of the daemon is configured via the mentioned configuration file. If this option is not specified, a default output format is used.
If the option -D is given, the the program will daemonize into the background.
The syntax of the configuration file is explained in /etc/snmp/snmptrapfmt.conf !


/etc/init.d/snmptrapfmt is the start/stop script.
/etc/snmp/snmptrapfmt.conf is the configuration file.
/var/run/ is the PID file.
/etc/snmp/snmptrapd.conf is the configuration file of the snmptrapd daemon, which calls the trap handler snmptrapfmthdlr.
/usr/sbin/snmptrapfmt is the executable of the application.
/usr/sbin/snmptrapfmthdlr is the executable of the trap handler.
/var/run/snmptrapfmt.p is the communication pipe between the trap handler snmptrapfmthdlr and the formatter snmptrapfmt.
/var/tmp/snmptrapfmt.trc is the trace file if the option -d is specified.
/var/log/snmptrapfmt.log is the log file as specified in the configuration file.


snmptrapfmthdlr(8), syslog(8), variables(5), RFC 1155, RFC 1156, RFC 1157, SNMP Security Internet Drafts
19 DECEMBER 2002 4th Berkeley Distribution