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switchconf - Change system configuration to one of many predefined

switchconf(8) System Manager's Manual switchconf(8)


switchconf - Change system configuration to one of many predefined


switchconf [ -f conf_file ] -help | -list | config_scheme


switchconf is a command line tool that helps nomad laptop users to easily change their configuration.


switchconf takes only one mandatory argument. If this argument is -help, the command synopsis is output. If it is -list, a list of all known configuration schemes is returned for the current set (found in $conf_top_dirs). If the argument is a configuration scheme, this configuration will be installed on the laptop.
switchconf can take an optional argument, which must be first, flagged by -f. This argument specifies the set of configuration schemes to work with. It names a configuration file, with format described below, located on the current directory. If no optional argument is present, the default file /etc/switchconf/conf is used.


The configuration file (default /etc/switchconf/conf) is simple. The following entries are defined:
This specify where are located the configurations schemes.
This specify in which top directory you want to install the new configuration. This option is pretty useful if you want to debug your configuration without overwritting the actual one.
exec_dir_before, exec_dir_after
This specify the name of the exec directory : all files included will be executed before or after configuration changes
This specifies the path to the run-parts command which is used to execute the scripts. Leave it empty to use the internal implementation of run-parts.
This specify the method to use to copy the configuration files, to their places: softlink, hardlink, copy
/etc/switchconf/conf should be written so it is parsable as a shell script - There should be no spaces between the variable name and its value.


You should create a directory for each configuration scheme you define, including all the files it should set in the system. Inside /etc/switchconf the directories you should create the files including the full path (i.e., /etc/switchconf/home/etc/network/interfaces for /etc/network/interfaces).
No scheme should be named as either the exec_dir_before or the exec_dir_after, unless the conf_top_dirs is moved out of its default directory, /etc/switchconf .
Although it is not really necessary, you should probably ensure that all the files existing in one of the schemes exist on every other scheme, in order to ensure you do not end up in a hybrid state.


Configuration file.
Memory file, has the name of the current active scheme
Lock file.


Actually no bugs are reported.


switchconf was written by Sebastien J. Gross <> switchconf was contributed by Julien Ducros <> switchconf was maintained by Jose Calhariz <>
February 2014 3rd Berkeley Distribution