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traffic_cop - Traffic Server watchdog

TRAFFIC_COP(8) Apache Traffic Server TRAFFIC_COP(8)


traffic_cop - Traffic Server watchdog


traffic_cop is a watchdog program that is responsible for starting traffic_manager and traffic_server and monitoring them for responsiveness. If either of these processes are determined to be unresponsive, traffic_cop will kill and restart them.
On Linux, traffic_cop will also monitor available memory and swap space, restarting the watched processes if the available memory falls below a minimum threshold. The memory thresholds can be configured with the proxy.config.cop.linux_min_swapfree_kb and proxy.config.cop.linux_min_memfree_kb variables.


-d, --debug
Emit debugging messages.

-o, --stdout
traffic_cop ordinarily logs to syslog, however for debugging purposes, this option causes it to print messages to standard output instead.

-s, --stop
Kill children using SIGSTOP instead of SIGKILL. This option is primarily for debugging.

-V, --version
Print version information and exit.


syslog(1), traffic_manager(8), traffic_server(8) 2017,
March 22, 2017 7.0