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vboxd - isdn voice box daemon

vboxd(8) Linux System Administration vboxd(8)


vboxd - isdn voice box daemon


vboxd [OPTION] [OPTION] [...]


Vboxd is a daemon which is accessed via tcp/ip and can give you the messages recorded with vboxgetty, or change them.
vboxd uses port 20012 (tcp and udp), as described in /etc/services.


-f, --file FILE
Config file to use. Default is the file '/etc/isdn/vboxd.conf'.
-t, --timeout SECS
Timeout for waiting for commands from the client. If no command is received within this time, the daemon exits. Default value is 600 seconds.
-h, --help
Show summary of options.
-v, --version
Show version of program.


After the start the timeout is set to 30 seconds. It will change after the first command to the value set with --timeout.


default config file


This manual page was written by Andreas Jellinghaus <>, for Debian GNU/Linux and isdn4linux.
2000/09/15 ISDN 4 Linux 3.25