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vspace - manages spaces

VSPACE(8) System Administration VSPACE(8)


vspace - manages spaces


vspace <operation> <spaces>* [--] [<program> <args>*]


<operation> can be one of:

... create new spaces and execute <program> there; <program> is mandatory in this case
--enter|-e <xid>
... enter the spaces of context <xid> and execute <program> there; <program> is mandatory in this case
... assign the current spaces to the current context
--index|-i <idx>
... work with the namespaces for <idx>
<spaces>* specifies the spaces to manipulate. It can be any combination of:
--mask <mask>
... specify a mask of spaces
... the default spaces for this kernel
... the mount namespace
... the fs_struct
... the IPC namespace
... the uts namespace
... the user namespace
... the pid namespace
... the network namespace
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This program is part of util-vserver Copyright © 2004 Enrico Scholz
Copyright © 2007 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson This program is free software; you may redistribute it under the terms of the GNU General Public License. This program has absolutely no warranty.
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