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MouseX::Getopt::Meta::Attribute::Trait::NoGetopt(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation MouseX::Getopt::Meta::Attribute::Trait::NoGetopt(3pm)

NAME MouseX::Getopt::Meta::Attribute::Trait::NoGetopt - Optional meta attribute trait for ignoring params


  package App;
  use Mouse;
  with 'MouseX::Getopt';
  has 'data' => (
      traits  => [ 'NoGetopt' ],  # do not attempt to capture this param
      is      => 'ro',
      isa     => 'Str',
      default => 'file.dat',


This is a custom attribute metaclass trait which can be used to specify that a specific attribute should not be processed by "MouseX::Getopt". All you need to do is specify the "NoGetopt" metaclass trait.
  has 'foo' => (traits => [ 'NoGetopt', ... ], ... );
2016-07-24 perl v5.22.2